My Healing Services
As a starseed you have multiple layers to connect to your true self and this healing is a huge step to align with your starseed aspects and being a lightworker here on earth.

If you are feeling lost, confused and ungrounded and have an inability to connect to your higher self, soul records this healing work will help you resolve these issues so that you will have the resources and the spiritual support to feel grounded, safe and protected so you can step into your true power as a starseed and a lightworker.
  • You want to align with your soul purpose
  • You want to trust yourself and your intuition in all life’s decisions 
  • You want to achieve balance (body, mind, & spirit) so that you have the freedom to move freely, love deeply and spend your time living your best life.
  • You want to feel grounded, protected and free to shine your light as a fellow human being and a lightworker.
  • You want to feel connected and be understood by others
  • You want to discover the mystery of who you are as a starseed and a lightworker and step into your higher wisdom
  • You want to help with the ascension of mankind and of Mother Earth to contribute to a brighter future for the world
I'll show You how!
Work with Me

My clients are starseeds and lightworkers ranging from slightly confused as to where they fit in the world to experienced, awakened healers that need help to enhance their lightworker skills. 
I partner with the higher self to release blocks and traumas, clear old programming, and traps that stagnate and delay the progress of many starseeds.
I support clients to remember their soul origin and help them activate and integrate their true self, latent healing abilities, their soul path and connection to their soul family and star family.
When truly grounded they can experience freedom from blocks, balancing of the flow masculine/feminine energy and true, high dimensional connection to the Higher Self, Soul Records, Source and Mother Earth.
 Who I Work With:

I work with people that are 100% committed to trusting their intuition and taking the next steps in their development as starseeds and lightworkers and are ready to believe in themselves and “do the work”.

As a client, there is a mutual responsibility between us, within our agreement.

Your healing journey is your responsibility.  I will do all in my power to support you, however, you must own your actions that lead toward your own personal healing process.

Your healing session will open many doors - the ones you choose to go through are your choice. It is important to know that you have free will in all events in this process, and that the actual healing (physical change or change in social habits) comes when you choose it. You can sometimes recreate these patterns if you react in different situations in a similar way that you have before. Now that the blockages, patterns, trauma and beliefs are resolved, you have the freedom to react differently.
 We will work together to:
  • Identify, resolve, and dissolve the core blockages (traumas/beliefs, emotional patterns, oaths, vows, contracts and psychic hooks, cords and attachments) that sabotage your healing goals.
  • Bring you permanently into alignment with Mother Earth’s Heart energy, Source, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that can be reactivated within your for permanent use
  • Connect you to your Higher Self that enables you to be in tune and aligned with your truth, so that you can shine and step into your power
  • Connect to your soul records to understand who you are as a human being, starseed and lightworker
  • Retrieve and reclaim your True Higher Self and True Soul Records so that you will have the resources and the spiritual support to feel grounded, safe and protected to take charge of your life
  • Activate and identify your life mission as a lightworker by retrieving and activating your soul plan and your Heart Star Codes from your Soul origin
  • Help connect you with your soul origin through your unique STAR, soul family and star family 
  • Help you tap into your innate healing abilities and superpowers from past lives that have laid dormant

Where am I on my inner spiritual journey, you might wonder?
Are my physical symptoms connected to my spiritual journey?

Do you want to know?

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