A 3-4 Months Deep Transformational Program

This is a very extensive, amazing, deep soul journey for your personal development. You raise your frequency, activate many different aspects of you in higher dimensions, find out more of where you are from and most of all the final result- To BE and feel totally at home within YOU. You feel a deep calmness inside and you have a deep understanding of who you really are deep down and why you are on Earth now. You know who you are as a lightworker, starseed and light being here on earth and what your soul mission is to help yourself heal and to help humanity, Mother Earth and Earth heal.

I Will Tune in on Your Specific situation/healing intention and channel what YOUR Higher Self and Your Soul Records and Soul want to prioritize in YOUR UNIQUE Transformational Healing Program and brief you about it before starting Your Journey!

Following are examples of processes that will take place over a longer period of time and not specifically in this order depending on where you are on your healing journey. I will follow your Unique flow from your Higher Self and Soul Records and see in which order some of these following activations and processes will occur. And as for all my work these are just the framework of what will happen. There is so much more to each and every process.


The Missing Piece  
Trust Your Intuition - Clear the Old Programming of Your Higher Self

Activate and Connect to your Starseed origin on Lemuria or/and Atlantis or/and Mu

Activate and integrate your latent healing abilities from past/parallel lifetimes

Activate and integrate your super powers from past/parallel lifetimes

Specific Healing Journey: Activate Your Vertical Pillar of Light

Specific Healing Journey: Activate Your Divine Starseed template Soul Blueprint

Connect and Activating to Your True Divine I Am

Specific Healing Journey: Anchor Your Soul Grid

Retrieving and activating Your Unique Heart Star Codes from the Ultimate Dimension


Specific Healing Journeys: Sacred Union with the Divine:
  • Merkaba Activation
  • Building Your Light
  • Connecting to the Planetary Bodies
  • Connecting and merging with your Divine I Am

Retrieving , activating and merging with Your STAR - Your Connection to Home as a starseed

Specific Healing Journey: The Journey to Your Home as a starseed

Retrieving and Activating the Your Star of Trinity - Your Queen Aspects and your balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Activate Your Connection to Your True Soulmate/Starmate - Your King and King aspects and maybe even Your soulmate here on Earth if it is for your highest best and if it is on your soul journey this lifetime...

And so much, much more that is Unique for YOU ...

I know that you are a TRUE Lightbearer, here to help yourself, humanity and the world heal and how important it is for you to release these blockages that are hindering you in your life, making you feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. 

This is your opportunity to show up for yourself, break free from a deep seated programming that keeps you imprisoned and shine your light as the True Light being as You ARE and impact the world in your own unique way! 

Sounds intriguing? It is more intriguing and more spectacular and amazing than you can imagine :)

Let's dive in!

Contact me for more information about this unique possibility at info@asabergstrom.com


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I am very much looking forward to helping you further, on your healing journey towards a better and more prosperous life!

Åsa ^i^