For example: allergies, diseases, pain, inflammation, bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, trauma, negative experiences, addictions, behavioral disorders like depression, weight issues, cravings (sugar, salt etc), deficiencies of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, aiding release of toxins and heavy metals from the body ...etc


"Energetic Allergy Healing is a unique, life-changing modality that completely heals and eliminates allergies and inflammation from our bodies. An allergy is traditionally defined as a hypersensitive physical reaction to specific substances, but it is so much more than that. 

An allergy is essentially inner resistance showing up as a negative, immune reaction in your body. Resistance is the absence of harmony. When you are in any kind of resistance - emotional, and/or spiritual - you are literally absorbing this resistance into your body. This is how allergies and inflammation are created. 
Allergy healing releases this unconscious resistance and restores harmony by pulling deep negative programming, traumas, and emotions that are causing this resistance within you. When this happens, your body naturally falls back into alignment with your external and internal environment at the energetic and cellular levels. 
As a result, substances in your environment, such as grains, pollens and dust, that previously caused an allergic reaction will no longer affect you because you have reached deep harmony on a spiritual, energetic and cellular level.

When we have allergies, we have inflammation, and from that comes disease, dysfunction, immune breakdown, and pain. Those of us who are extra sensitive, which really means those of us who are gifted with abilities to heal and serve others with these gifts, empaths, intuitives, healers….are usually the largest sufferers of allergies, because we are sensitive to energy, to our own energy, the energy of others, the energy of the planet and even cosmos. We are sensitive to our internal and our external environment! 

Within this modality, “The Fundamentals” are defined as the groups of allergens that are necessary to have healed for a strong, healthy, functioning immune system. A strong immune system naturally equals less allergies! They consist of the nutrients and parts of the body (vitamins, minerals, salts, sugars, proteins, stomach, intestines, other organs, glands, and hormones) necessary for absorbing/digesting those nutrients so that your immune system can begin rebuilding itself.

In an Energetic Allergy Healing session we begin with the Fundamentals and from there we work to heal hundreds of allergies which are connected to all kinds of trauma, negative emotional states and an inability to enjoy foods and our environment. Once freed from these draining energies, the client is able to live a much more satisfying life full of energy by being in harmony rather than resistance.
What would happen if just 1 percent of the population eliminated allergies and inflammation from the body? Allergies block Source Energy which creates an out of balance, reactive environment both inside and out of our bodies. Just a tiny bit of increase of Source energy has an enormously powerful healing effect on individual people and the global energetic environment as a whole."

By permission: Kimberlie Carlson -Founder of Energetic Allergy Healing

The Healing Process

You come to me as a client for help with your physical issue (physical symptom, allergy, pain, inflammation etc) and your healing intention via email before the session. I then sit down and intuitively tune in on your situation, using muscle testing (something I have used since 2006 and updated with this class and I have also been attuned to muscle test in a unique, new way) I receive which allergies/resistances that causes your symptom that you have in your body.

During my preparation work I have a list of 8000 parts of the body, body processes, body functions that help me as a starting point, together with my great intuitive ability and the connection between your Higher Self and my Higher Self and your Soul Records.

There are not only parts of the body one can "be allergic" to. One can "be allergic" to almost everything. You can be allergic to yourself, your family members, spiritual issues, healing, emotions (both positive and negative), places, events, objects etc. You can "be allergic" to everything you can imagine and more so it is a really exciting and intricate detective work that is behind what is coming up in your session :)

This preparation work can take between 30-60 minutes (depending on how many allergies there are for a symptom) so I put down a lot of energy and time to prepare your session.

When we meet during the session I use my healing tools that I have learnt in both the Energetic Allergy Healing Class and the Sacred Light Foundations Class (since this class is included as part of the Energetic Allergy Class). If need be I use my other healing tools as well.

I have been attuned to a more than 5 pages long Energetic Allergy Healing script full of instructions on how to dissolve and resolve these allergies/resistances on all kinds of different levels, dimensions, life times in all kinds of ways plus all information that is in all the Sacred Light Foundations healing tools and more. All this healing is done in all body parts and body functions and processes, chakras, subtles bodies, energetic and magnetic fields etc down to the cellular level, DNA, RNA and beyond on all levels;  spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, through all lifetimes, timelines, realities and dimensions, ancestral lineages, and the Akashic Records.

All these huge amounts of sacred information is boiled down to a macro - a phrase that activates this entire, very powerful healing process which initiates and ignites so much clearing in both body and soul...

Advanced Energetic Allergy Healing contains more than 100 different activations and attunements where ONE of them is like a separate healing session in itself. When you get many of these during a treatment, think about the incredible effect and results that this achieves.

The healing process , including the grounding healing meditation in the beginning is between 30 mins to 45 mins (maybe a little shorter, maybe a little longer) depending how complex your issue is to resolve and dissolve. I will work on it until the healing is COMPLETE.

You feel how the energy starts to work in the body and I receive information about what is happening in your body and how the healing process is progressing.

At the end of the session I will also find out if you need to listen to the healing again at a later point in time and if so I will give you information about how long time after our session you are going to listen to the (recorded) healing process again. Since the healing energy is very powerful, it could be that your body can't receive and process all healing at once but needs a few days rest before you can listen to it again.

This process will be recorded so that if you need to, you can listen to it again and take part of the healing again. The recording is included in the session!

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or want to book a session! 
I am looking forward to connecting with you! 

Best wishes
Åsa ^i^


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