My Unique Healing Speciality that Only I can Offer YOU: 

I can retrieve, download and activate YOUR Soul's Heart Star Codes ™ from your soul origin through the Ultimate Dimension which is an aspect of the 13th Dimension 
The codes give YOU access to Your unique soul origin.
I can then help You (re)activate Your connection with Your soul family and star family even Your light family if that is the case and then help reactivating Your healing ability or healing abilities from previous/parallel incarnations on Earth or in other dimensions. 



Since the summer of 2017 until December 2020 so many new healing abilities have been activated in me. Healing abilities that I have had latent in me from my other incarnations and which it now was time to reactivate in order to help others find and activate their latent abilities and to raise their consciousness and awareness. A knowing that we all have the power to change ourselves and feel good and to also be able to help the earth and its people heal.

In 2020, I have attended several fantastic healing classes and learned so much new and exciting things and above all gained so many new, absolutely fantastic and super effective healing methods with energies from very high dimensions.

Imagine, more than 300 activations and attunements where only one is like its own little healing session in itself. Think about when you can get between 10-20 (sometimes even more) per treatment. What an impact that will have on the healing results :)

As a participant during these trainings I have also received so much healing that has opened up new healing abilities from my previous incarnations in me that now, with the help of these healing energies, it was time to wake them up to life in me again.

Here are largely the various downloads of healing abilities that I received in 2020 and with which I can now help YOU with. Information about new aspects of us as multidimensional light beings come to me continuously and when I have activated them myself I can help others to activate them. I follow the flow that Your higher self and TRUE Soul Records shows me.

It runs from December to January so if you want to you can read from the bottom up so you can see the development of my healing skills and above all, what I can offer YOU :)

  • In December I have activated the 13th dimension in me now and gained access to its healing abilities that I can now give to YOU in a treatment so that you can activate higher dimensions in you and break free from your blockages which hinder you being a lightworker.
  • In December I activated and started using the 13 power in my healing treatments. The infinite power of the united Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.
  • In November, I activated the contact between all 12 crystal skulls with the 5 elements and the twelve zodiac signs so that I could activate the 13th crystal skull in the 13th dimension. I was able to do this as a result of what I had activated in January (see below for more information)
  • An activation that came in early November 2020 is a very powerful healing tool that dissolves false matrices at all levels (including galactic levels and universe levels) and which especially also focuses on breaking down the barriers to reach your true Akasha (your TRUE Soul Records).
  • During the autumn, I have been able to help several clients to activate their soul hearts, soul lilies (which are situated in the soul heart), soul map, soul plan, soul parchement. Newly found aspects of the soul which are vital for the awakening process,
  • During the spring and summer of 2020, I have also downloaded from higher dimensions more than 100 of my own activations that I can also give to you in my treatments.
  • In June I also received two, very powerful healing tools that easily can handle psychic blockages, that  in other cases are difficult to-handle, such as lower frequencies and dark energies, entities, etc. These tools also work on galactic levels and universal levels.
  • I have also been given the opportunity and knowledge to activate several clients' moon chakra, sun chakra, star chakra, moon star chakra, sun star chakra, etc ... there are so many aspects and parts of us that are yet to be discovered. I think that it's so exciting and fun to be a detective and gain new knowledge and insights along the way.
  • April 2020 Together with a healer here in Sweden, I have activated my Diamond Starseed and my Balance Pillar ability and my knowledge as a Lifebearer and Universal Pillar that makes me able to awaken and activate other people who also are Light Pillars, Balance Pillars and Diamond Starseed. They have these qualities in their soul origin and I can help these star seeds activating their unique knowledge to be able to for instance help our Mother Earth through healing of our earth who is so deserving of all the help she can possibly receive at this moment in time. In this document you can read more about what a Diamond Starseed and a Balance Pillar is.
  • In January 2020, I got the healing ability to revive and activate your 13 soul frequency codes which among other things consists of balancing your elements: earth, air, water and fire in a higher frequency and in this way bring your new 5th essential element to life again, and therefore be able to activate your inner Master, Master, inner Divinity in collaboration with body, soul and spirit etc.


News from November 2019 which is so important these days when so many people are trying to connect to their authentic self: I can retrieve, download and activate a person's Soul Heart Star Codes ™ from their Soul Origin. The codes give the person access to their unique soul origin. I can then help a person (re)activate his/her connection with his/her soul family and star family and even his/her light family if that is the case and then help reactivating his/her healing ability or healing abilities.

  • I can also do DNA activations for 12 DNA strands, for 36 DNA strands, and for 84+ spiritual DNA strands.
  • I can treat you with sacred geometry activations in a whole new way that dissolves blockages, traumas, beliefs, soul contracts, oaths, agreements, etc. in this life, in past lives, in other dimensions, in your DNA, hereditary from your ancestors and in the collective consciousness.

Summer 2019:

  • I can now help you who want to know more about your cosmic origin and make different activations that you have latent in you and that it is now time for you to get back again to find your way back home to your origin.
  • Here's a channeled message I received from my guides in August that I can now help others with: "You will be able to line up the timelines and see where traumas overlap and be able to resolve all traumas on all timelines that have a common origin. This will be your new healing ability. You can clear all the timelines of these traumas and bring the person to their origin. "
  • I have regained my own ancestral power energy that I now use in my healing work to resolve trauma and blockages in others along with all my other healing abilities.
  • Activate your star chakra, your soul chakra and your higher chakra system with your Lemuria chakra, the chakra you had when you were in Lemuria and which are now about to wake up within you.
  • Activate the Atlantis chakra to create a balance between the Atlantis chakra and the Lemuria chakra.
  • Activate and integrate the following in different ways in different directions and dimensions and levels: sun chakra, moon chakra, Lemuria chakra, Atlantis chakra, pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, medulla oblongata with the whole body, with all chakras 1-13+, with the crystal skulls, on all levels : physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, soul, in the collective consciousness, energetic, divine etc.
I can also
  • Open up and activate the star chakra/star chakras
  • Open up and activate your star consciousness
  • Open up and activate your connection to your soulmates
  • Open up your Universe Clock and activate it in all 12 directions
  • Activate the Universe Clock in you and see where you come from
  • Activate and integrate the Universe Clock and star chakra and star consciousness
  • Activate your star chakra in 5D so you can connect with your star family
  • Integrate body, soul and spirit with your cosmic origin
  • Activate and integrate the Lemuria chakra with your soul and your soul brothers and soul sisters from other places
  • Activate and open up the star consciousness with your higher consciousness and your higher Self and with your origin in the cosmos
  • Activate the infinite eternal energy
  • Activate divine frequency codes, life codes, resonance codes, core codes
  • Activate your star chakra so that you get a balance between feminine and masculine and thus get balance in your body on a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual level
  • Activate and reactivate your soul chakra with your star chakra and your crown chakra and your higher chakra system (chakra 8-13)
  • Activate your divine chakra
  • Activate your entire frequency register and your star register
  • Activate your soul ray and your star ray
  • Activate your star consciousness so that it is in contact with your spirit and your soul consciousness, your soul ray and your star ray
  • Activate your chakra so that it is in contact with your spirit, your star consciousness and your soul ray

May 2019
I have the ability to download and activate people's frequency codes. Many of us lack these to be able to live a good, healthy life. These codes have been taken away from us or we have lost them in various traumas as we then have given up our power. Now it is time to retrieve them and get the optimal sacred geometry on all levels again.

February 2019
I have now gained access to the eternity healing energy that I use in my healing work.

January 2019
I have received the ability and can reactivate people's sun chakra, moon chakra and Lemuria chakra.

Other news for spring 2019:

  • Gained the ability and can activate a person's 13th chakra and 13th DNA strand for those who are ready.
  • Received the ability and can activate people's life codes and soul codes.
  • Gained access to the ninefold centrifugal healing force which is sacred geometry: 333 333 333 (masculine / feminine and the divine)..
  • Gained access to the Maitreya energy (the association of the masculine and feminine energy) and use it in my healing work.
November 2018:
  • I can comb meridians and re-enable meridians. I can clean organs and body parts on different levels with the help of my new guides.
  • For the first time, I get in touch with and start channeling highly ascended masters from the Ultimate Dimension that I later channel messages from regularly. These guides also help out in my healing work when needed.

September 2018
Are you a soul from Lemuria?
I now offer you who are a Lemurian soul (a person who has previous incarnations on Lemuria) to once and for all, dissolve your blockages on Lemuria, resolve the psychic lower frequencies that keep you stuck in trauma and symptoms and blockages on all levels in this life and past lives and heal any conflict with Atlantis in your cell memories so that your next step is to activate your higher chakra system so that you can activate the 13 strands of the DNA spiral and thereby open your Light Pillar.

By activating more DNA strands and higher chakras, our inner light channel opens where we can access more light and healing. This way you open up your own healing abilities to heal yourself and others if you wish. You become more conscious and find your soul purpose, your unique, divine Self. You will find your home, where you belong, within yourself.

Other news for fall 2018:

  • I have the ability to download and reactivate people's light codes, starlight codes, resonance codes, star codes, core codes, source codes etc. Many of us lack these in order to live a good, healthy life on all levels and these codes have been removed from us or we have lost them in various traumas as we then have given up our power. Now it is time to retrieve them and get the optimal sacred geometry on all levels again.
  • I have gained access to the Source energy that I use all the time in my healing.
  • I activate people's DNA spirals, people's Light Pillar, Balance Pillar and Universe Pillar.
  •  I receive access to the Father energy (Golden energy), Mother energy (Diamond energy), Rose energy and can now use these healing energies in my healing work.
  • I have since 2016 resolved my own blockages in Lemuria and in other incarnations in other universes and have now accessed and healed the 13 universes in me that I can also heal within my clients.

July 2018
Soul healing
I can now help you to dissolve your psychic blockages at the soul level in a whole new and unique way that I have downloaded. I see the psychic blockages /lower frequencies /lower energies that block and hinder your development on all levels and in all dimensions, including Lemuria and Atlantis, etc. and send them back to their origins with light and love. I dissolve trauma and blockages on different levels and can also help you retrieve your soul fragments from different dimensions and incarnations in order to heal youself and dissolve different blockages and traumas in the life you live now. Often, information about one of your soul's incarnations in other dimensions comes up and sometimes wants us to activate and retrieve any soul gifts and knowledge to you that your soul wants to communicate with you. I also activate unique latent healing gifts in you that you are ready and willing to receive in order to heal yourself and also be able to give healing to other people and to our earth and more. The possibilities are endless :)

June 2018
Sacred harmony resonance codes / Sacred geometry

With the help of sacred geometric harmony resonance codes I dissolve different kinds of blocks in your aura, karmic blocks, different archetypes (shadow self), and activate the geometric harmonic codes to dissolve and clear blocks, retrieve soul fragments etc so that your frequency increases significantly in different areas such as physical health, flow in different parts of your life, self-love, unconditional love, relationships. I also activate your DNA strands in a unique treatment as well as the sacred geometry of the universal laws etc. All this healing with the sacred geometric harmony resonance codes and resolution of blocks occurs on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, soul, in the collective consciousness, energetic etc) in all dimensions and in all your past /parallel lives etc.


December 2017
Activator of the original feminine and masculine energy
I have the privilege of being able to channel and download the activator of the original feminine and masculine energy to heal the client on all levels in a tremendously powerful way. This is a balance of the feminine and masculine which has always been latent in us but which humanity is now ready to take back and activate; take back its original power and its authentic self! 

Ever since the summer of 2017 new healing tools are channeled and downloaded continuously from higher dimensions and used in the treatment to increase your vibrations and your frequency as well as your consciousness and also release your trauma, karma, symptoms and blockages and open up and activate your higher chakra system and your chakras in higher dimensions to find your way back to your authentic self and to find your way home here on earth and in other dimensions.

January 2017
Activation of the heart chakra in different dimensions
For those who are ready, the treatment activates your heart chakra in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions as well as higher dimensions if that is the case. The treatment also activates the 3rd eye, medulla oblongata, thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal gland, pituitary gland etc to reach a higher consciousness and a higher frequency.


July 2016
Sacred Geometry
The treatment process uses sacred geometry (the building blocks of life) to recreate the wholeness in all aspects of the client's healing process. The energy is strong and comes from the different planes of life such as from the 5th plane: the energy from the Ascended Masters, the 6th planet: the energy from the Laws of the Universe and mainly from the 7th plane: The Source /Creator/ God/Universal Consciousness: the highest energy plane that we know of.

To see what I have been up to before July 2016 you can read more further down on the About Me page.