I am offering a unique blend of healing methods with channeled soul healing, sacred geometry healing, quantum physics, energy medicine & morphic field healing energies which resolves and dissolves your issues in a fast and efficient way and increases your frequencies!

With more than 30 downloaded and (re)activated healing abilities and more than 100 downloaded activations from my previous incarnations in other dimensions and universes together with the more than 75 very powerful new healing tools and activations from Sacred Light Tools and  more than 150 activations in Energetic Allergy Healing and more than 370 activations in Sacred Soul Alignment I can now, with the help of a unique healing energy from the 13th Dimension, soul healing, sacred geometry healing, quantum physics & morphic fields healing energies and always with the highest energy: The Source/ Creator/ Universal Consciousness, offer you a unique healing on the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, energetic, spiritual and soul level and in the collective consciousness.

Below you get a short description of the methods that I mainly use and about which you can read more in detail in the link below each method. If you want to know even more about what healing abilities and trainings I have, you can read my list of healing experiences further down on the About Me page.

Channeled, Downladed & Activated Healing Abilities
Since the summer of 2017 and onwards to the present time, so many new healing abilities have been activated in me. Healing abilities that I have had latent in me from my other incarnations and that it was now time to activate again to help others find and activate their latent abilities and to raise their consciousness and awareness that we all have the power to change ourselves and be able to feel good in life and also be able to help the earth and its people to be healed.

Heart Star Code Activation ™

I can retrieve, download and activate YOUR Soul's Heart Star Codes ™ from your soul origin
through the Ultimate Dimension which is an aspect of the 13th Dimension 
The codes give YOU access to Your unique soul origin.

I can then help You (re)activate Your connection with Your soul family and star family even Your light family if that is the case and then help reactivating Your healing ability or healing abilities from previous/parallel incarnations on Earth or in other dimensions.



Sacred Light Tools

A process to establish the “Sacred Trinity of Co-Creation” to make sure that the energy that I work from is pure healing energy from the highest Source /Creator / Universal consciousness. It is through this Holy Trinity that we can take in and activate this sacred energy that heals us on all levels.

  • Resolve and dissolve beliefs and patterns, trauma you have in your unconscious and your subconscious mind that governs your life more than you think.
  • Download positive beliefs to create new, positive patterns and awareness.
  • Finding and dissolving stuck emotions on all levels. 
  • Dissolve energy connections to other people who drain you. 
  • Once and for all, dissolve and break oaths, vows and contracts that keep you stuck in relationships, situations, trauma, patterns and blockages. 
  • Remove portals, entities, implants, negative beings that interfere with you, your home and your immediate surroundings and send them to the light.  



 Co-Creating Miracles Advanced Sacred Light Healing Tools

More amazing and unique healing tools which I have learnt in class and use frequently in my sessions. 

 Energetic Allergy Healing
Advanced Energetic Allergy Healing


 For example: allergies, diseases, pain, inflammation, bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, trauma, negative experiences, addictions, behavioral disorders like depression, weight issues, cravings (sugar, salt etc), deficiencies of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, aiding release of toxins and heavy metals from the body ...etc

An allergy is essentially inner resistance showing up as a negative, immune reaction in your body. Resistance is the absence of harmony. When you are in any kind of resistance - emotional, and/or spiritual - you are literally absorbing this resistance into your body. This is how allergies and inflammation are created. 

"Energetic Allergy Healing is a unique, life-changing modality that completely heals and eliminates allergies and inflammation from our bodies. An allergy is traditionally defined as a hypersensitive physical reaction to specific substances, but it is so much more than that. 

Allergy healing releases this unconscious resistance and restores harmony by pulling deep negative programming, traumas, and emotions that are causing this resistance within you. When this happens, your body naturally falls back into alignment with your external and internal environment at the energetic and cellular levels. 
Advanced Energetic Allergy Healing contains more than 115 different activations and attunements where ONE of them is like a separate healing session in itself. When you get many of these during a treatment, think about the incredible effect and results that this achieves.



Sacred Soul Alignment
Sacred Soul Alignment™ is a gentle yet extraordinarily powerful new healing modality that transcends the boundaries of time and space. It amplifies your manifestation and co-creation abilities at the highest level so you can experience lasting transformations and attain divine inner alignment. Sacred Soul Alignment™ works to dissolve negative beliefs, trapped emotions, and soul-level oaths, vows and contracts that do not serve you in this lifetime as well as every other lifetime and timeline. It brings deep healing to all layers of your existence – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. It also works on the DNA level, which means your family will receive the benefits of your healing experience many generations backward and forward in time.


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