What do you receive from a session?
"Unique Healing in a Unique Way"

You receive the unique opportunity during the session to travel through the dimensions within you and explore completely unique and individual experiences that are out of this world ✨

You experience healing energies from higher, unique dimensions such as the Ultimate Dimension, the 13th dimension which resolves and dissolves your physical,  mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual issues in a very efficient way :)

You receive help from me to completely resolve your issues in a session where I have 8 + solid healing trainings and over 300 different healing tools (new 2020, 2021 and 2022) in the form of activations* and attunements* at my disposal and more healing abilities, channeled and activated from my previous incarnations are continuously coming to me.
*An activation/attunement is like a complete little healing session in itself so there are very powerful energies on offer!

My healing and my unique mix of healing abilities

  • heals your symptom at a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, energetic and at a soul level and in the collective consciousness and in the morphogenetic field
  • heals you at Soul level, clearing your soul, retrieving soul fragments and clearing any lower frequencies that might keep your soul not being fully integrated with your being. All lower frequencies are sent back with love and light to its origin
  • permanently clears you from trauma (which is one of the causes of your problem/symptoms). The trauma can be from your current life time (past, present, future) but also from your past, parallell and future lives, in other dimensions and be affecting you on all levels
  • dissolves and resolves new/ancient contracts, agreements, oaths, vows etc that you have made (in this life and/or in previous life times or as a soul before you came to this life) with yourself and others and which it is now time to release to be able to free you from your symptoms and live the life that you were supposed to live
  • acknowledges and "clears" you from your switched on survival instincts connected to the trauma in question so that the instincts are not turned on all the time and therefore holding on to the trauma
  •  dissolve negative cell memories and blood memories. These memories are inherited from your parents and ancestors and the memories prevent you from getting rid of your blockages
  • can solve all energy blockages in your subtle bodies using the Sacred Light Tools with healing energies from higher dimensions
  • disconnects you with parts of the collective consciousness (the hundreds or even thousands of negative group consciousness beliefs, attitudes, etc. which you and others have accumulated in this life time and in past lives etc and which affect your current situation and symptoms). This negative collective consciousness still remains in your different lives, in your genetics (inheritance from your ancestors, in your blood and cell memories) and blocks the flow of your life in many ways and keeps you stuck with your symptom and stuck in your overall life (because everything in life is entangled within the morphic fields). Examples of belief systems can for example be, "one has to fight to survive", "there is not enough resources for everybody in the world", "to be a martyr", "victimization" and a lot of other kinds of self sabotage etc
  • interrupts the karmic loop so that you, once and for all, can be free of the karma that has kept you stuck and given you your symptoms/problems
  • also dissolves problems that you may have with other people or environments as everything is intertwined in the morphic genetic field and made out of sacred geometry
  • dissolves and clears lower frequencies on the psychic levels from your home, your subtle bodies, your physical bodies etc, frequencies that don't belong there. In this way you take back the client's original power and strength that may have been taken from him/her many years ago, even many life times ago
Some other parts that are also part of a session:
You come to me with your issues and symptoms.
After booking and payment, the following happens: I take a lot of time a few days before the session to prepare your session with your healing intention in mind. I feel intuitively and connect to your higher self and tune into what different kinds of clearings, processes and activations that are next in line for you. I then use all my different channeled methods and learned healing methods as suited and I intuitively receive information on how blockages will be resolved and activations should take place by following the natural energy flow within you and in alignment with your higher self
  • During the session you get the unique opportunity to travel through the dimensions within and outside you and explore and experience completely unique and individual experiences that are not of this world :) 
  • I can in a unique way see and get things that no one else can because I have my unique intuitive healing abilities and am claircognizant which means that I get things, sentences, words to me during the session
  • You get a complete solution for your health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, spiritual etc.
  • Blockages dissolve and activations occur and your symptom decreases and eventually disappears completely. Sometimes it can take one session, sometimes it takes 2-3 for a symptom to disappear completely. It is completely individual.
  • The session, which is between 90-150 minutes depending on the treatment performed, resolves blockages and trauma on the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, medial, spiritual, spiritual, energetic, collective and divine level in YOU in all dimensions, times , in infinity / eternity.
  • I never stop just because time is running out but I keep going until all the processes to be done are done. All for YOUR highest good!
  • An audio recording is included in the price. The healing energies are so powerful that sometimes you cannot receive all healing at once at the first moment of session, but you must listen to the healing session at least one more time. Your body and soul often need some time to integrate the healing. I will feel into the situation and inform you what applies in your situation

Use my free offer where I can tune in and see what your Higher Self and Soul Records prioritize for your highest best in a session with me!