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Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry is the spiritual building blocks of the Universe but also pure mathematics and quantum physics. Sacred geometry is the sequence of shapes and patterns that is the very essence of our creation. There are many examples of sacred geometry in nature, in music, architecture and art . It can be traced back to Plato in the 400s BC but in nature it has always existed. The same sacred geometry that created the Universe is also the blueprint for your physical body and your subtle bodies. Sacred geometry activates your light body which is a synthesis of light, energy and sacred geometry that harmonizes your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.  

Healing with Sacred Geometry
When you work with healing with the help of sacred geometry and the highest and purest form of energy that exists that comes directly from Source /Creator /God/Universal Consciousness, there is a powerful energy transfer that dissolves your old and lower vibrations like for example negative memories, thoughts and feelings and other blockages that are found in the cells in your body, in your chakras, in your aura field and in your DNA etc.

At the same time as you dissolve the old blockages that no longer serve you, you receive new, higher vibration light codes for every cell in your body, your aura field and your DNA. This way the body and soul will allow larger amounts of high frequency light to flow through you and gives you a higher frequency to create a new and more loving reality for yourself and your surroundings. 

The healing resolves, as previously mentioned, trauma, cell memories, different kinds of blockages on different levels, in different chakras, in different dimensions and time periods. The treatment also dissolves the limiting beliefs and programs at all levels through all lifetimes, at the level of your soul, your ancestral lineages and also disconnects you from the universal collective consciousness and subconscious negative belief system and programs that prevent you from getting rid of your symptoms and get in touch with your authentic Self. 

Each session frees you from hundreds to thousands of limiting and negative belief systems in you as well as in the collective consciousness, the genetic consciousness, the religious consciousness and other kinds of group consciousness and guides you away from the 3rd dimensional limiting belief systems in the collective consciousness and in your subconscious and guides you to and into the new 5th dimension into which all of humanity and our earth are heading.


The 3rd Dimension
The 3rd dimension is the material world where many limiting belief system and programs are running.


The 5th dimension
When you reach the consiousness of the fifth dimension you experience the complete reintegration with your Higher Self and your divine self. This reintegration with the higher aspects of you gives you a higher awareness and a knowing of yourself at soul level. You start becoming to be the one who you came to this lifetime to be; you are connected to the energies of divine, sacred freedom.

Parts of your unique sacred geometry that has been closed down during a long time is now activated again. And if you so choose you can activate your 13 strands of DNA that the Western world for a long time has called "junk DNA" but more and more starts to understand that this is a part of you/humanity that has been closed down for many thousands of years.
Now it is time to activate this part of your DNA to raise your frequency faster and easier!


Many aspects of our lives are blocked or limited because we are connected to collective consciousnesses such as fear, suffering, sacrifice, struggle, recession, poverty and beliefs such as: that one must struggle in life, that there is not enough money for everyone, that life is difficult and should be and many other self-sabotaging phenomena in one's life.
We can work on our issues and strive to bring more positive energies into our lives. We can resolve different blockages with the help of different therapies, but when we are still connected to the limiting group consciousnesses, to different beliefs and attitudes, we will always be drawn back to the negative energies. These old group consciousness programs that have existed in us since ancient times and maybe even from other lifetimes can sabotage us, here and now, without us even being aware of it.

It is not always easy for us to see what beliefs we have, which makes it difficult to know where to start when it comes to changing what does not work. This form of treatment allows you to let go of the 100s to 1000s beliefs that affect your problem symptoms and that prevent you from moving forward in your life.

In addition to permanently disconnecting you from different group consciousnesses and different collective beliefs described above in the area you choose to address, the treatment will also resolve blockages in your current life in the past, present and future, in your past lives (on different levels and in different dimensions), on a genetic level (the blockages and trauma that you carry with you from your ancestors). All this gives you the opportunity to go further and open up and be more of who you really are without having all your old emotional bagage with you. 

This treatment gives you both a higher vibrational energy than you had before your treatment which changes the limiting programs that are incompatible with the new higher vibration and at the same time it disconnects you from the current limited group consciousness energy.

This form of treatment thus allows you to disconnect from matrices of for instance fear and suffering and connects you to the unconditional love that exists in higher dimensions. The treatment frees you from hundreds to thousands of beliefs that exist in both your consciousness, in your unconscious and in your subconscious. It activates your sacred geometry that you have always had within you as your building blocks but now can be reactivated again as it was intended to be according to your soul's divine blueprint.

It frees you from your blockages and allows you to let go of limitations in your current life, in your past lives, in your future lives, detach yourself from the heritage of your ancestors where you are limited, and disconnect you from the collective consciousness: from the beliefs that no longer serve you.


The treatment dissolves the blockages that hold you back from who you really are! And as if this was not enough: When you disconnect from a group consciousness that is based on fear, the old energies in the whole group consciousness weaken so not only do you get help from this but other people will disconnect from this group consciousness as well at the same time .

By healing yourself in this way you also contribute to raising the vibration of our beloved planet and changing the consciousness of humanity from fear to love.



Simply described there is no solid matter in the Universe. A shape that is shown to us in solid form is created by underlying vibrations that express themselves in matching geometric patterns and figures that form larger and larger elements that ultimately together form (as we see and interpret it) different kinds of solid matter that we can see with the naked eye.

Quantum physics - a study of the smallest building blocks of the Universe - says that everything consists of energy - even our thoughts and feelings - and that energy vibrates at different frequencies. Quantum physicists now have the ability to measure these different vibrations. Emotions with lower vibration are negative emotions such as pain, fear and anger while emotions with higher vibration are positive emotions such as love, joy and freedom. 

You attract people and experiences into your life that respond to your specific frequency. If your energy frequency is low, you will attract experiences and people in your life that match the low vibration. As your vibration increases, you begin to attract people and experiences in your life that have a higher frequency and the experiences of the lower frequencies and people that no longer serve you will fall away.

What does this mean then? That those who seek a more loving and joyful life should strive to raise their energy frequency to the highest possible level.


"Universe is vibrations and [sacred] geometry manifested on the visual plane (time/space)
~ Charles Gilchrist

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics"
- Albert Einstein

"If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration"
 ~  Nikola Tesla, scientist and pioneer

CHECK OUT MY FREE OFFER TO YOU where I channel a message to help you step into your TRUE SELF!