The Process

You come to me as a client with your problems/symptoms. I take a good amount of time to prepare your session by tuning in on your issues intuitively. And both with my intuitive and psychic skills I channel through my claircognisance what kind of different processes your Higher Self wants to have, based on your healing intention that you have given me.  For these individually unique processes I then use all my different channeled methods and learned healing methods accordingly and I intuitively find out how blocks should be resolved and activations should take place.   

We start the session by highlighting your healing intention, what you want to achieve with the session. This reinforces the treatment and the result. I work completely with my Higher Self and your Higher Self and set clear intentions that the symptom / symptoms/issues will be resolved permanently.
I use the multi-dimensional sacred heart space "The Sacred Light Temple" that I have activated in my heart chakra as a result of the new classes I have completed this spring. This "Sacred Light Temple" is infused with the highest divine energy from both the Mother Energy (Mother Earth's Heart Chakra) and the Father Energy (Source /Creator/Universal Consciousness) as well as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Balance and the Divine aspects of your own Heart.

In this  sacred space I take in various aspects and dimensions of the symptom. With my battery of knowledge from methods I am trained in, especially Sacred Light Tools (which are my most recently learnt methods) and with the channeled healing abilities that I have reactivated from previous incarnations as well as being claircognizant and words, sentences, images etc come to me as knowledge, the healing is more or less automatically with the help of the very special and amazing healing space that I create with you during the session with the help of our Higher Selves and the Divine energy. 
Very exciting things can happen here!

So with the help of my strong intuition and psychic abilities, during the sessions I get words, sentences, images that help us move along further in the healing process. Sometimes they come from your Higher Self and soul and sometimes from other light beings/ guides who want to help with the healing process. With the permission from you, the client, I also invite into the sacred healing space those who want to help us with the treatment for your highest best. It can be guides, angels, ascended masters, your soul family, your star family, the origin of the soul, the authentic self etc.

Often, trauma and beliefs arise, which are one of the major key causes of problems/symptoms one can have. These traumas may have their resolution in the client's current life such as childhood or the like. It also often happens that the trauma originates and is dissolved in the client's past life. These blocks can also be found in your DNA, at the cellular level. They can be genetically inherited from your ancestors, it can even be hereditary in your past lives, from ancestors there. There may also be blockages in the collective consciousness itself that have different beliefs/ traumas. There may also be psychic low energies and other low frequencies that block your recovery. You may have made different choices as a soul and signed different contracts with yourself including having this life lesson. These contracts are now time to rewrite and dissolve. They have now served their purpose and you have learnt your lesson. With the help of, among other things, my new knowledge in Sacred Light Tools, these different kinds of blockages can be quickly resolved on all possible and "impossible" levels.
The session is a collaboration between the therapist's Higher Self and the client's Higher Self and the client's soul archive/ Akashic Records and it is entirely individual and different from time to time what comes up. The client feels clear shifts in his/her body and mind and in his/her emotions and constantly feels how the symptom changes, diminishes and eventually disappears completely. 

It may take two to three sessions to resolve a symptom. Sometimes it can be just one session. Sometimes two symptoms can be resolved in one or two sessions. It is completely different from symptom to symptom and from client to client. Generally, it is: one to two symptoms takes 1-3 sessions. Of course, you can also work on your entire life situation where you work on different aspects of your life and when you want help with several different symptoms.

If your healing intention is to open up the door to and connect with your soul origin och your cosmic origin, retrieving your Heart Star Codes™ then the following applies: I can retrieve, download and activate a person's Soul Heart Star Codes ™ from the Ultimate Dimension. The codes give the person access to their unique soul origin. I can then help a person (re)activate his/her connection with his/her soul family and star family even his/her light family if that is the case and then help reactivating his/her healing ability or healing abilities. 

The session can then unfold like this:  When you receive your first session there are usually a lot of blockages and traumas which need to be dissolved and resolved on different levels, often on the psychic level, before we can bring in the activations that will open up your awareness and increase your consciousness level to be able to connect to your soul origin and cosmic origin. This is a really exciting process which is totally individual and which opens up to what have been hidden and dormant within you for a long time (maybe even many lifetimes) and now is time to awaken within YOU again 

This process takes different amounts of time depending on how far you have come in your soul awakening process. I keep at it until I feel that the session is done and all the healing processes have been made.  There are about 4-6 different healing processes (with multiple mini processes within each) that take place during a session. My experience with the people I have have helped so far is that there is only for one or two people that the heart star codes™ have been able to activate during the first session. For most people who has done this activation it has taken a second session to do the activation itself since there are often a lot of low frequency blockages that are stopping a person to rach his/hers soul origin. So the first session we resolve and dissolve these blockages and the second (or sometimes it takes a bit longer) session we are able to do the Heart Star Code™ Activation and all the exciting things that, that encompasses :).

As a therapist, I get different bodily sensations, such as different types of body movements/small shakes in different patterns that tell me what happens in the client's process because I always tune in completely to the client during the session and feel what happens for the client. Many clients also feel these shifts, others don't, even if the problem/symptom is permanently resolved. We are all different in what we feel. One get results even though one doesn't feel the energy running in the body.
The session is done via Zoom or Skype for international clients and also by phone if you live in Sweden. The session is about 90 minutes long (sometimes longer, sometimes a little shorter). I work until your Higher Self and my Higher Self "say" that the session is complete and I do not end just because "the time is out". All for Your highest best.

"Healing crisis" after treatment? 
The healing energy is extremely powerful and dissolves the deepest beliefs, programs, trauma, cell memories, collective consciousness, soul contracts, etc that have held you back in your life. The intention for a session is that the treatment should be an easy process for the client and done at a rate that is for the highest best of the client. This is also something that is included in the Sacred Light Healing Tools.

Generally, you may feel tired after a session and it advisable that you drink a lot of water afterwards to speed up the clearing processes. Some people may experience (now) old feelings, anger, resistance and sadness after treatment. The feelings that arise are those that are linked to the many belief systems and programs that are being dissolved as the treatment progresses. They will disappear. Sometimes, as a client, you want the integration process to happen faster and ask for it to go faster and then in some rare cases you can get bodily reactions such as a cold when energies that once held the person back are "detoxified". The more blockages you resolve, the less likely you are to experience a healing crisis. 

At the end of the session, the client is also well grounded and the healing process is anchored in the whole being of the client.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or want to book a session! 

Best wishes
Åsa ^i^


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