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                 Some of my new channeled healing gifts

News for July - September 2018

Soul Healing

Now I can help you solve your psychic blockages on a soul level in a totally new and unique way that I've channeled from another aspect of me and my soul. I see the psychicl blockages /lower frequencies /lower energies that block and prevent your development at all levels and in all dimensions, your past lives including Lemuria and Atlantis, etc and send these low energies back to their origin with light and love. I solve the traumas and blockages at different levels and can also help you retrieve your soul fragments from different dimensions and incarnations so that you heal and solve the various blockages and traumas of the life you are living now. Often information about some incarnations of your soul in other dimensions comes forward to tell us that it (the soul/you) wants to enable and retrieve soul gifts and knowledge for you that your soul wants to communicate with you about. I also activate unique latent healing gifts in you that you are ready and willing to receive in order to heal yourself and also provide healing to other people and to our Mother earth and more. The possibilities are endless :)

News for June 2018 
By using sacred geometric harmonic resonance codes, I dissolve various types of blockages in your aura, karmic blockages, shadow self, and activate the sacred geometric harmonic resonance codes to clear blockages, retrieve soul fragments, etc. so your frequency increases significantly in different areas like physical health, flow in different parts of your life, self-love, unconditional love, relationships. I can also activate your DNA strings in a unique treatment as well as I can activate the sacred geometry of the universal laws within you, etc. All this healing with the sacred geometry harmonic codes and resolution of blockages takes place on all levels (physical, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, at soul level and in the collective consciousness, etc) in all dimensions and in all your past/parallell lives, etc. 

News for December 2017 
From 16 December 2017, I have received the privilege of being able to channel and download the activator to the original feminine and masculine energy to heal the client at all levels in an enormously powerful way. This is a balance of the feminine and masculine that has always been latent in us, but as humanity is now ready to take back and activate; take back its original power and its authentic self! Read more about this unique healing ability and how I was able to channel it in a Master Advance workshop with the help of the universal healer and light worker Angela Johnsson in Sweden here:http://www.goldenstarcode.n.nu/information-till-ljusbarare  If you don't understand Swedish you can use google translate and translate the entire website.

Ever since 2017, new healing tools are channeled and downloaded continuously from higher dimensions and used in the treatment to increase your vibration and frequency, as well as your awareness and also relieve your trauma, karmas, symptoms and blockages, and open up and activate your higher chakrasystem and your chakras in higher dimensions to find your way back to your authentic self and to find where you belong here on earth and in other dimensions and universes. 

News for January 2017
For those who are ready, the treatment will activate your heart chakra in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions, as well as higher dimensions if that is the case. The treatment also activates the 3rd eye, medulla oblongata, thalamus, hypothalamus, pelvic gland, pituitary gland, etc. to achieve a higher consciousness and a higher frequency. 

News for July 2016 
The processing process uses sacred geometry * (the building blocks of life) to recreate the wholeness of all aspects of the client's healing. The energy is very strong and comes from the different planes of life as 
for example from the 5th planet: the energy of the Ascended Masters, the 6th planet: the energy of the universal laws, and primarily from the 7th planet: the Source / Creator / God: the highest energy plan that exists.