Send me your healing intention, what you want to achieve with a potential treatment and I will, with your permission, contact your higher self and your soul records and find out if you are ready for a Heart Star Code Activation or if clearance of blockages , traumas and symptoms are needed first, during one or more treatments. You will get the information about how many sessions are needed. It is usually between 1-3 treatments. Sometimes it's time for a Heart Star Code Activation at once :)

I sit down, tune in to your situation/healing intention regarding activating your Heart Star Codes, your higher self and your soul records and channel and bring forward all, completely unique individual activation and purification processes that will be performed in a potential upcoming  treatment. You will receive these processes in a few sentences in an email that I send to you!

You can also send me your healing intention if you have any other symptoms that you want to resolve on a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual and soul level and I can tune into that too the same way and get back to you with what processes will be coming up for you in a potential session. It will be the channeled sentences / processes / activations that your higher self and soul archive have as their first priority!

Completely free and with no obligation!



The Session
The healing session is about 90 to 120 minutes long depending on which kind of symptoms are treated. The healing resolves and dissolves blockages and trauma on all possible levels: physical, mental, emotional, psychological, energetic, psychic, spiritual, divine and at soul level and in the collective consciousness in all dimensions, lifetimes and realities, infinitely.

N.B. I keep going until my and the client's higher self and my higher self say that it's done and that I intuitively feel that the treatment is complete. I do not stop just because "time is running out". All for the highest best of the client.

I am very much looking forward to connecting with you and helping you help yourself to better wellbeing and new insights and an awakened NEW YOU.

The session is done via Skype or on Zoom worldwide.

The session can be done both in English and Swedish. 

You reach me best through either email
or using the form here and I usually respond within 48 hours (often very fast). 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to have more information or want to book a session!

Best wishes
Åsa ^i^