Here is a testimonial sent with lots of love, 

yours, Jessica xxxxx

Working with Asa has been little short of miraculous for me. Somehow she is able to unlock and release hidden trauma in the most extraordinary and powerful ways. It is a mysterious and wonderful process and I highly recommend anyone with an open heart to set off on their own journey with Asa. To do so is a true privilege and healing adventure.  

Jessica Zoob, Hongkong

"To me Asa is a Multidimensional Expander.  Mind. Blown."

I am an advanced Energetic Worker / Healer and it takes a lot to blow my mind.  However, Asa and her work did just that!  What started as wanting to receive my Heart Star Codes turned into so much more than that! 
Through just a few sessions with Asa I learned, saw, understood, and I stepped into my true power. 
The work we did in my sessions with Asa’s transporting me into higher dimensions and guiding me, literally shifted a Triple Star System that initiated a mass awakening of an entire Soul Group as well as awakening, a Triple Star System!!!  Think about that for a moment….A TRIPLE STAR SYSTEM, & AWAKENING!!! We are not talking small feats here. 
To me Asa is a Multidimensional Expander.  Mind. Blown.
Asa herself has such an amazing energy. I felt accepted, safe, and excited the moment we connected and I immediately was in the flow with Asa.  
Asa, you, your work, your openness, wisdom, and skills blew me out of the water and opened me up to my true path, purpose and universal mission. A mere thank you has no ability to convey what you, and your work has done for and meant to me, and beyond that to our universe.
I cannot wait to continue working with you to see what else comes forward.  You are beyond words in your works
Many Blessings & High Vibrations
Maureen Dodson
Founder –Creator of Infused Transitions

April 2021

"This experience is like a fast track route to your calling."

I have so much gratitude for my healing session with Åsa. 

My intention was to clear emotional patterns and better connect to my true self. 

I received the gift of experiencing my internal territory, pieces beyond my family constellation that I needed to see to resolve the root cause of resistance to being my true self and conceiving my potentialities.  This was instant within the session. 

Beyond the session, for three weeks there's been a lot of integration with processes I have been learning over the past 5 years.  My whole internal paradigm is updating, particularly around trust and purpose.  I saw the light of my soul and as a result, have been offered three new soul contracts to choose from by my guides. 

This experience is like a fast track route to your calling - if you are open and willing to experience what is there to claim.  I highly recommend these healing sessions.

Holly M, United Kingdom

October 2020

Åsa Bergström is a high calibre healer and shifter of energies. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together and feel so much more wide awake and open to my star identity. I am so glad and grateful for her for many blessings. The heart star codes now sit safely in my heart, ready for me to use. ❤️

A-M, Australia


September 2020

Energetic Allergy Healing is a FANTASTIC healing method that I can warmly recommend. 
During a short period of time I had problems with dizziness, nausea and headache when Åsa recommended me to try this treatment.

Previous to this I had recieved help through other therapists' methods which didn't resolve the issues at hand. After only two sessions all of the above symtoms are now gone. I am so grateful.


Translated from Swedish

August 2020

Hi Åsa,
Thank you for your session. I have felt so great, better than I ever felt before, mostly because I have retrieved my soul heart .

I have finally been able to realize my value and regarding love also been able to take a great step forward by putting my foot down and break my earlier negative pattern of behaviour.
It feels great!


Kindly/ Nina

Translated from Swedish

May 2020

Hi Åsa!
Thank you once again for your fantastic work and I thank my guides and helpers that you are in my life.


Translated from Swedish

May 2020

I cannot really grasp what you have done. You are fantastic in what you do. ❤️
I am so grateful that you are helping my place where I work.


Translated from Swedish

From the bottom of my heart and with great gratitude, I have, during fall received help from Åsa! Sessions and healing methods who is so current for this time on earth.
I am a soul from Lemuria with old energy blockages at soul level who has retrieved my soul fragments and released lower energies, activated my Balance Pillar, upgraded my 13-chakra system and DNA-system etc to find my true essence again and be able to act here on earth with my wisdom that I have within me.
I appreciate your participation during the session, have been able to feel and be part of the integration on the energetic level. 
Åsa is very powerful and has great knowledge and a friendly approach. I have great confidence in Åsa and all the great results that have been achieved.

Wish you all the best

Majlis/ Gothenburg

Translated from Swedish

I warmly recommend this!! 
Wherever you are in life .. Whatever your'e struggling with! Whatever is hurting or limiting you or your loved ones This type of treatment solves EVERYTHING !! 
Do not hesitate!! Contact Åsa Bergström 

- Susanne 44 years 

Translated from Swedish

I have suffered from headache and migraine for many years. Even after the first session, I became much better and now my migraine are much less and they rarely appear. The daily headache has disappeared and I have more energy and am more excited and happier. Thank you Åsa, your treatments are powerful and magical! 


Translated from Swedish

Hello Åsa! I have thought for so long to give you feedback on our sessions! I'm still completely free from my problems, sooooo amazingly free in my body and emotionally. Took a while before the physical body healed, maybe 4-6 weeks. If I ever notice the area we worked with, it's on long journeys in the car! I had a stiffness in my left groin then and it was also resolved. Today, I can easily do all kinds of yoga exercises without limitation, it's a nice acknowledgement for me on multiple levels. The session has been given me profound healing. I love this therapy form and you are a fantastic guide. Nice to know where to turn when I need healing! At the moment, everything feels great 

- Woman 58 years old

Translated from Swedish

April 2021

"Åsa is like no other. Absolutely Magical"

My biggest challenge before I met Åsa was that I lost energy and had a hard time setting boundaries. I experienced difficulty connecting to and being my authentic self.I wanted to develop my gifts in serving others. I have taken courses in personal development, meditated and cleared my blockages in different ways.

After my session with Åsa, I have opened up my intuition in a magical way. I am able to feel my clients energetically in a completely different way. I get messages about my clients in a very easy way before I have a coaching session. My boundaries are stronger and I find my inner connection stronger and stronger all the time. I feel like my life paths are coming to me more clearly all the time. I feel a great openness to magical experiences. I now get into a meditative state in a completely different way and I feel the kundalini energy more clearly.

Åsa has an incredible ability to open up energy. It happens so much during a session with Åsa. It is hard to put into words what it is happening, but something really does change after a session.

She has an incredible flow and does not stop until everything is done. She clears blockages and opens up at an incredible speed.

Åsa is like no other. I have done many sessions with others but no one is like Åsa. Absolutely magical. Very skilled and competent.

Try a session with Åsa. You will not regret it !!!!

Rebecka A, Sweden

Translated from Swedish

August 2020

Asa is one of the most potent energetic healers with whom I have the honor to work. She assisted both myself and my son in retrieving our Heart Star Codes and much much more. The journeys she took us on were out of this world and way beyond my wildest expectation. We went on amazing journeys to multiple universes and different dimensions. On our journeys, she also led us to rescue many souls all over multiverses.  We had such blasts working with her, and of course, all the healing work that was done during the sessions. Regardless of whatever in your way, she can help you remove the obstacles with great efficiency. I have my deepest respect and gratitude to Asa and her work. 

Uma Coco, USA

June 2020

Asa is a gifted healer with extraordinary abilities. As a healer myself, I reached out to Asa to open my gifts and so much more so that I too could further assist my clients. I am so glad that we connected. The results were nothing short of astonishing. Thank you, Asa! I am so very grateful for you and all that you do. I highly recommend Asa to anyone in search of healing, greater meaning, and an upleveling experience.

Susan M. USA

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity! For several years I have from time to time received Åsa's treatments to clear my old traumas, deep sorrow and fears and solve my energy blockages. Åsa helps me (and even a couple of my friends) to raise our consciousness. I am impressed by the development of Åsa's talents and creative, miraculous working methods.The sacred geometry - the highest healing frequency - is the amazingly immediate and most effective method I've tried and I will continue with this healing! 

Thanks Åsa :) 

Translated from Swedish

Thank you Åsa Bergström ❤️
All the power that you have given me to resolve soul karma ❤️
During last night my soul fragment came back
And is now integrated in my heart. ❤️
Your courage and strenght to go into the energies ❤️
Innerligt tack

yes you are worth all the best, so grateful❤️

Translated from Swedish

By far the most efficient and best method I have tried and I have tried a lot during my long life! Thank you Åsa! 
- Woman 68 years, Stockholm 

Translated from Swedish

I really recommend Åsa Bergström. I have received some sessions via Skype and phone with her, and it has really made a change for me. Thank you so much for the Åsa❤️ 
Woman 56 years

Translated from Swedish

Once again deeply grateful for the improvements in my body, soul and spirit since the last session by Åsa Bergström !! Enjoying the positive, while I'm more than a big pain in the.. for my environment when the energies balance out and work in me.. But the feeling of having come more than halfway on the way to feeling whole. The joy is indescribable !!! Thanks Åsa!❤️

- Susanne 

Translated from Swedish

I sought help from Åsa when I was just dismissed from work and felt very lost in my identity, had difficulty believing in my own ability and worried a lot about the future. After three sessions I felt a much more stable foundation, not so afraid of failing and I dared to finally take the step to follow my dream and have now started a small business. Thank you for all your help! / Lotta  

That said, thank you for your help! I have just registered my company now and it feels so much fun !!! I feel so much better nowadays, it's very nice! "/ Lotta 

Translated from Swedish

After years of problems with communicating and getting along with my big sister, I was advised to contact Åsa. I felt guilty, insecure and frightened, afraid of confrontations. My sister was very dominant, it was like walking on thin ice and not knowing when it would burst. And it did so often. I wanted to feel peace and joy, not get angry, scared and irritated. We share summerhouses and this summer it became unsustainable. After two treatments I felt a change. I felt strong and free in the relationship, I could speak up. It was a pretty amazing change that served us both. Thank you Åsa! 

- Woman 80 years old

Translated from Swedish

Among others ...❤️

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