My healing journey

My Mission
I help people who want to develop as human beings here on earth and feel better on all levels. I also help people who think or know that they are starseeds and would like to awaken their soul origin and healing abilities to help others and have a mission to, in their turn, help other people or the earth or their home worlds ❤️

My Vision
 I would like to help as many people as possible to open up their knowledge of and connection to their soul origins, their gifts and awaken their life missions so we all can raise the awareness and consciousness of humanity and hold the LIGHT for the betterment of humanity and the world.

My Story
I am in a constant journey within myself to self-realization, to find my way back to my authentic self and my soul aspects that live in many different dimensions within me.

To find my way back to the "Source of Source" within.

I have come a very long way on my unique soul journey and I have found a safe haven within me, finally, because that is where I belong, in my heart. The knowledge of the heart leads me into the interior of my soul, to my soul heart and this has then led me to my life mission which is, with my unique combination of healing energies from higher dimensions, to help YOU help yourself on your healing journey and through my assistance heal the cause of your symptoms at all levels (physical to soul level) by, among other things, resolving traumas and blockages that hinder your personal development on all levels.

I have been on a long and very deep journey in my heart since the autumn of 2000 when I got severely burnt out and was for many, many years. I feel that it was the worst and at the same time, the best thing that has happened to me in my life when I got burnt out because if I had not gone through what I have gone through over the years since then I would not have been where I am today in my own personal development and so that I now can share my very unique mix of healing abilities with YOU.

One day in 2006, I was at a health fair and was fascinated by a specific stand where a healing method was presented. I booked an appointment for a session a little later and then also understood that in addition to feeling better myself, I could help others to feel better by taking classes by this method called BodyTalk, something I haven't regretted at all. There I learned so much and it was there that I got to learn how to muscle test for the first time, something I still use many times every day and in all parts of my life :) It is a very handy tool to have in one’s tool kit. In the latest course with Sacred Light Foundations  I have upgraded my muscle testing skills enormously.

I have always been interested in biology and understanding how everything is connected. However, I have never felt really in harmony with myself and I have wondered why I am who I am and why I don't really feel "at home" here. I have tried many different healing methods and I have also attended several healing classes where I, as I understand now, got puzzle piece after puzzle piece to get where I am today.

Going from always wanting to have everything explained to me in a scientific way to just being in the flow and getting in touch with my (and others') past lives, light beings, guides, angels has been a long but oh, so valuable journey within me and for me .
And now, finally after many years of searching and the last year with so much knowledge acquisition and to give healing to and receive healing from various competent healers who are also wonderful people from several different countries that I have had the privilege to get to know (Zoom is fantastic !!)  I now approach the knowledge of my soul origin very fast.

From 2015 onwards, with the help of several healers and my own diligent treatments on myself, I opened up places in me on a multidimensional level that I didn't know existed and I learnt and still learn new things and receive new activations and healing tools several times a month that comes from these different incarnations that I have had in many dimensions.

I now have received a knowingness and knowledge about a big part of my soul's origin . That part of my soul that I have come here to find (and that is a whole adventure novel in itself for another time and that journey continues on). I also know what one of my missions is here in life and that is to help people who are looking for their authentic self, to find their way back home within themselves and understand where they come from and get harmony and balance back in their lives. Get some peace in both body and soul.

I have now received more than 30 downloaded multidimensional healing abilities from past/parallel lives in the last three years as well as over 300 different healing activations during the 5 healing classes that I attended in 2020. One of these multidimensional healing activations is a whole mini-healing treatment in itself and it is something I can use to heal the causes of all kinds of symptoms. I also have training in quite a few other healing methods from 2006 to 2020 (2021), healing methods which I can use in a unique mix to help people feel better in their lives physically, emotionally and above all on the soul level where virtually all symptoms come from, even the physical ones.

After several years of "preparation" with healing, in the autumn of 2019 during a trip to New Orléans, I was able to, in an incredible way, download my unique Heart Star Codes ™ from the Ultimate Dimension. I now use the unique healing ability I received from my own Heart Star Code activation to help other people retrieve their unique Heart Star Codes, to download them, to open / reactivate their soul origin and (re) activate their unique healing abilities and understand where they come from and what their life task is. This was something I learned (through clarity and channeling) even before I went that this would happen during the trip. A Heart Star Code Activation is something completely unique and I am the only one who does this in the world (I am told by my guides and other healers who have tuned in on this ability and their guides). It is absolutely crazy but such an exciting and fantastic and a completely unique, individual journey for those who get to experience it!

A session with me is a completely unique experience. I put my heart and soul into my work. All for the highest best of my client in mind. I use healing energies from a higher dimension (13D) that not many people do. Maybe none. At least that's what my guides say.

Those who come to me for treatment often say things like:
"Wow, what a lot of work and energy you put into your sessions and I do not really understand how you do everything you do but it is MAGICAL!
You are absolutely amazing at what you do "." I have never seen anything like it and I have tried many different healing methods and been to many healers "

With more than 14 years of professional experience and my unique blend of many healing abilities (both learned through education but also many channeled and activated healing abilities from other dimensions and incarnations) and in interaction between your higher self and my higher self, I intuitively customize your session based on the symptoms you want help solving.

With more than 30 downloaded and (re) activated healing abilities and more than 100 downloaded activations from my previous incarnations in other dimensions and universes as well as the more than 300 very powerful, new healing tools and activations with Sacred Light Tools, Energetic Allergy Healing and Sacred Soul Alignment I can with the help of soul healing, sacred geometry, quantum physics & morphic fields and always with the help of the highest energy: The Source / Creator / Universal Consciousness offer you a unique healing for your symptoms and problems on physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, energetic, spiritual, soul level and collective level.

Your frequency and consciousness increase when the treatment automatically dissolves karma, trauma and blockages in your life and previous / parallel lives on e.g. physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic (including lower frequencies and entities) spiritual, soul level, energetic, collective and quantum physical level as well as in the morphic field. The method resolves and dissolves trauma and blockages in your chakras (13+ chakras, several different brain centers (pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, medulla oblongata, etc.) and in all your other body parts. It can also activate your DNA strands, retrieve soul fragments, etc. All healing takes place in different dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D to infinity because I don't put any limitations on where you can end up in your individual personal development.

I channel and download new information and new healing tools continuously from higher dimensions and other universes and use this knowledge and abilities in the treatment to release your various blockages and open up and activate your higher chakra system and your higher chakras for you to find your way back to your authentic self so that you can feel the purpose of your soul and be able to feel comfortable here on earth and in other dimensions.
Do you want to take another step on your life journey, feel better in your body, mind, soul and heart and / or do you want help to understand why you are here on earth right now in this special time and where you come from and know your / your life mission/s, bring to life healing abilities from previous lives and dimensions? If so, then you are very welcome to contact me.

I would be honoured to help You ❤️

Åsa ^ i ^
My Healing Methods and Certifications
  • Professional multidimensional healer since 2014
  • Professional therapist in alternative therapy and energy medicine since 2006
  • Registered secondary school teacher in Swedish, English and French in 1994


  • Sacred Soul Alignment Certification Class (October 2020-January 2021).
  • Energetic Allergy Healing Advanced Class Certification Class (October 2020-January 2021).
  • Now Healing (Extensive basic Course)
  • RPT- Rapid Personal Transformation (September 2012)
  • The Yuen Method (March 2010)
  • Body Talk (February 2008)

Classes/courses/workshops and more

  • January 2021: Certification Class: Sacred Light Foundations Level 3 with renowned international healers and teachers  Kimberlie Carlson och Elysia Hartzell, USA, via distance teaching.
  • Continued: October 2020 - January 2021 : Certification Class: Sacred Soul Alignment with renowned international healer and teacher Elysia Hartzell, USA, via distance teaching.
  • Continued: October 2020 - January 2021: Certification Class: Sacred Soul Alignment with renowned international healer and teacher Elysia Hartzell, USA, via distance teaching.

  • October 2020 - January 2021 : Certification Class: Sacred Soul Alignment with renowned international healer and teacher Elysia Hartzell, USA, via distance teaching.
  • Oktober 2020-January 2021: Certification Class: Energetic Allergy Healing (EAH) Advanced Course with renowned international healer and teacher Kimberlie Carlson, USA, via distance teaching.
  • September - oktober: Utbildning med certifiering: Sacred Light Foundations Level 2 Course  with renowned international healers and teachers  Kimberlie Carlson och Elysia Hartzell, USA, via distance teaching.
  • June - August: Certification Class: Energetic Allergy Healing Certification Course with renowned international healer and teacher Kimberlie Carlson, USA, via distance teaching.
  • From April and forward during the year: swapping of healing sessions with 4 other international healers who have taken the same Sacred Light classes as me above. They also have other healing abilities that I have been privileged to experience and learn from. Invaluable and unique experiences where I have been able to receive healing and give healing ❤️
  • April : Activated my Diamond Starseed, my Balance Pillar and me as a Lifebearer (read more about this under my downloaded and activated healing abilities).
  • February-April: Certification Class: Co-creating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Certification Class with renowned international healers and teachers Kimberlie Carlson och Elysia Hartzell, USA, via distance teaching.
  • January: Certification Class: Sacred Light Tools Foundations Class with renowned international healers and teachers  Kimberlie Carlson och Elysia Hartzell, USA, via distance teaching.

  • Every month during 2019 I have participated in 1-2 group healing meditations where I have, in combination with my own healing work on myself, been able to activate new healing abilities within me from past incarnations here on Earth and in other dimensions and Universes.

  • During spring and summer of 2018 I have regularly upgraded myself and my healing abilities and channeled and down- loaded and (re)activated latent healing abilities from higher dimensions that I now use in my healing work as a lightworker
  1. Dimoda Code Activation with multidimensional healer Angela Johnsson, Sweden
  2. Workshops and individual workshops with the same Angela Johnsson, Sweden
  3. Soul Mastery - course in how to heal your soul and find your way home to one's home world, with Susan Taylor Shier
  4. Workshop: activated the 13th DNA strand in Lemuria with Angela Johnsson, Sweden
  5. Workshop: activated the 13 universes and their healing knowledge with Angela Johnsson, Sweden

  • December 2017: Master Advance Course with Angela Johnsson, Sweden
  • During the entire year of 2017 I have regularly upgraded myself and my healing abilities through my own healing work on myself and with help from other healers. I have also channeled and downloaded new healing abilities and healing gifts from higher dimensions, gifts that I now use in my healing work as a lightworker

  • December 2016: chakra- and DNA-activation, GSC Masterclass with Angela Johnsson
  • July 2016 Class in Sacred Geometry 
  • January 2016 Class: chakra- and DNA-activation, GSC step 1-3 with Angela Johnsson

  • January 2015 A weekend of basic education class in Quantum Physics healing "Instant Transformation" with renowned speaker and healer Mikael Säflund, Sweden

  • Basic education class in Now Healing (the MorphoGenetic Field/Morphic Field) with founder and international healer Elma Mayer:
  1. 2014 03 Now Healing 101 Foundation Class
  2. 2014 04 and forward Now Healing Advanced Class live online two nights/month.
  • Many workshops between 2014 and 2019 with the American, multidimensional, galactic and internationally renowned healer Michelle Phillips

  • 2012 09 Reference Point Therapy: Teacher Certification
  • 2012 08 Reference Point Therapy Level 3
  • 2011 09 Reference Point Therapy Level 2
  • 2011 09 Reference Point Therapy Level 1
  • 2010 03 The Yuen Method Level 3
  • 2009 11 The Yuen Method Level 2
  • 2009 09 The Yuen Method Level 1
  • 2008 02 Body Talk Module 3
  • 2007 01 Mindscape (Body Talk)
  • 2007 01 Body Talk Access
  • 2006 12 Body Talk Module 1 & 2 Advanced practical course
  • 2006 05 Body Talk Module 2
  • 2006 03 Body Talk Module 1 
  • 1990 08-1994 12 Registered secondary school teacher in Swedish, English and French, Umeå University, Sweden

Read further here how I continually and regularly have (re)activated and downloaded many healing abilities from past dimensions and lifetimes since the summer of 2017 until today and coming days...


Åsa Bergström 

The session is done via Skype or on Zoom worldwide.

The session can be done both in English and Swedish. 

You reach me best through email and I usually respond within 48 hours. 

email: info@asabergstrom.com 
email: rptsverige@yahoo.com 

You are very welcome to get in touch with me with your thoughts and questions or to book a healing session!

Best wishes/Åsa ^i^

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