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A unique blend of healing methods with channeled soul healing, sacred geometry, quantum physics, energy medicine & morphic fields

With more than 30 downloaded and (re)activated healing abilities from my previous incarnations in other dimensions and universes together with the very powerful new healing methods of Sacred Light Tools I can, with the help of soul healing, sacred geometry, quantum physics & morphic fields and always with the highest energy: The Source/ Creator/ Universal Consciousness, offer you a unique healing on the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, energetic, spiritual and soul level and in the collective consciousness.

My unique healing specialty that only I can help you with: 

I can download and activate a person's Soul Heart Star Codes ™ from the Ultimate Dimension. 
The codes give the person access to their unique soul origin. I can then help a person (re)activate his/her connection with his/her soul family and star family even his/her light family if that is the case and then help (re)activating his/her healing ability or healing abilities. 


Asa is one of the most potent energetic healers with whom I have the honor to work. She assisted both myself and my son in retrieving our Heart Star Codes and much much more. The journeys she took us on were out of this world and way beyond my wildest expectation. We went on amazing journeys to multiple universes and different dimensions. On our journeys, she also led us to rescue many souls all over multiverses.  We had such blasts working with her, and of course, all the healing work that was done during the sessions. Regardless of whatever in your way, she can help you remove the obstacles with great efficiency. I have my deepest respect and gratitude to Asa and her work. 

Uma Coco, USA


Latest healing news

Since the fall of 2018 until July 2020 so many new healing abilities have been activated in me. Healing abilities that I have had latent in me from my other incarnations and which it was now time to reactivate to help others find and activate their own latent abilities and to raise their consciousness and awareness that we all have the power to change ourselves and feel good in life and also be able to help the earth and its people heal.

I've learnt a lot of new skills this spring and summer and activated new healing abilities and healing tools in me that now make my sessions even more efficient and faster :) 

News for January 2020

In January I have taken the basic class of Sacred Light Tools called The Sacred Light Foundations Class which was led by international healers and teachers Kimberlie Carlson and Elysia Hartzell via distance from the United States.

News for February through April 2020
Between February and April I have continued my training in Sacred Light Tools  and completed the Co-Creating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Certification Class led by teachers Kimberlie Carlson and Elysia Hartzell, USA, via distance teaching.

News for April 2020
Together with a healer here in Sweden, Angela Johnsson, I have activated my Diamond Starseed and my Balance Pillar ability and my knowledge as a Lifebearer and Universal Pillar that makes me able to awaken and activate other people who also are Light Pillars, Balance Pillars and Diamond Starseed. They have these qualities in their soul origin and I can help these star seeds activating their unique knowledge to be able to for instance help our Mother Earth through healing of our earth who is so deserving of all the help she can possibly receive at this moment in time.
In this document you can read more about what a Diamond Starseed and a Balance Pillar is.

News for May 2020
In conjunction with the fantastic classes of spiritual development and the development of new healing abilities I have also been able to retrieve and (re)activate my own unique attunements which are complex sacred geometry activations that accelerate the healing process enormously ... at the time of writing, July 2020, I  have received a little more than 100 attunements ... 

News for June to August 2020
Between June and August I have continued my training in Sacred Light Tools and attended a unique amazing course called Energetic Allergy Healing which is channeled and downloaded from higher dimensions by Kimberlie Carlson, one of the founders of Sacred Light Tools and a well known international healer and teacher. The EAH can heal allergies, inflammation, physical symptoms, trauma, pain, deseases, bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals and so much more plus everything that the Sacred Light Tools can heal. The course was done via distance teaching from USA.

For more information on how my unique healing skills can help you, please read about my new channeled and activated healing abilities I have received here and my latest, fantastic skills from my new healing classes here: Sacred Light Foundations Class and Co-Creating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Certification Class and Energetic Allergy Healing that I have taken recently. There I describe more in depth what I can do, using these specific tools to help you feel so much better on all levels of your life ❤️


With 14 years of professional experience and my unique blend of now more than 30 healing abilities (both learnt through education but also many channeled and (re)activated healing abilities from other dimensions and incarnations) and in the interaction between your Higher Self and my Higher Self, I intuitively customize your treatment session based on the symptoms you want to have help solving.
Your frequency and consciousness level increase as the treatment automatically dissolves karma, trauma and blockages in your current -and past/parallel life on eg. physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic (including lower frequencies), spiritual, mental, energetic, collective and quantum physics level as well as within the morphic field. The method balances and dissolves trauma and blockages in your chakras (13+ chakras, different brain centers (pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, medulla oblongata etc), it can also activate your DNA strands, retrieve soul fragments etc. All healing takes place in different dimensions (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. to infinity).
I channel and download new information and new healing tools continuously from higher dimensions and other universes and use this knowledge and abilities in the session to release your various blocks and if you want to and are ready for it: open up and activate your higher chakra system and your higher chakras for you to find your way back to your authentic self so that you can know the purpose of your soul and be able to find your way home within you here on earth and in other dimensions.

My healing abilities are constantly being upgraded. For more information on how my unique healing skills can help you, please read about my new channeled and activated healing abilities I have received here and my latest, fantastic skills from my new healing classes here: Sacred Light Foundations Class and Co-Creating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Certification Class and Energetic Allergy Healing) that I have taken recently. There I describe more in depth what I can do, using these specific tools to help you feel so much better on all levels of your life ❤️

I can also activate a person's unique Heart Star Codes™ and latent healing gifts for those who are ready to receive.
The treatment session is carried out via Skype, Messenger (camera) worldwide and also by telephone in Sweden. The session is about 90 minutes long (sometimes a little shorter and sometimes a little longer). I keep on until my client's Higher Self and my Higher Self say it's done and that I intuitively feel the healing is complete. I don't just stop because "time is out". All for the highest best of the client.
You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or want to book a session! 
I am looking forward to connecting with you! 

Best wishes
Åsa ^i^

This healing can help you in many areas of your life:

It can

  • improve your health on all levels
  • improve your prosperity
  • improve your relationships with yourself and others
  • improve your psychic abilities
  • raise your consciousness and your frequency and open yourself and your chakras to new levels and dimensions.
  • the possibilities are endless!

Examples of symptoms that can be resolved and symptoms and issues that I can help you with are for instance:

  • Energetic Allergy Healing: heal all kinds of physical symptoms, allergies, inflammation, pain, deceases, bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeast, mold, fungus, trauma, negative experiences, addictions, behavioral disorders like depression, weight issues, cravings (sugar, salt etc), deficiencies of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, aiding release of toxins and heavy metals from the body ...etc
  • trauma and negative experiences
  • negative behavioral patterns, thoughts and feelings
  • emotional and mental blockages
  • fears and phobias
  • self sabotage
  • problem with setting boundaries
  • stress and burnout
  • performance anxiety and depression
  • to feel stuck; difficulty in getting things started,  and to move on in life
  • judging yourself and others
  • lack of self-esteem and shyness
  • being vulnerable to abuse, violence, bullying
  • weight problems 
  • help to reduce and eliminate addictions of various kinds
  • money, abundance
  • different situations in life, jobs, love, relationships etc.
  • dissolve and resolve thoughts and patterns, which you have in your unconscious and your subconscious, that control your life more than you think
  • activate latent positive beliefs, patterns and awareness
  • find and dissolve trapped emotions in you on different levels
  • dissolve energy connections to other people that drain you
  • once and for all, dissolve and break oaths, promises and contracts that hold you in relationships, situations, trauma, patterns and blockages
  • remove portals, entities, implants, negative beings that interfere with you, your home and your immediate surroundings and send them to the light
  • thoroughly go through all 7 basic chakras in a whole new and unique way and resolve the blockages and traumas there, on all levels and in all dimensions
  • activate your 13-chakra system in 5D
  • make DNA activations for 12 DNA strands, for 36 DNA strands, and for 84+ spiritual DNA strands
  • get help with healing of your pets
  • find the origin of your soul? Your cosmic origin?
  • balance your elements earth, air, water and fire at a higher frequency and unite them and you with the new 5th etheric element to find your way back to your soul's origin
  • recover your aspects of inner Divinity and regain control of your life
  • download and reactivate your Heart Star Codes ™ and open up your connection with your soul family, your star family and even your light family if that is the case
  • get ahead in your spiritual development. In your development as a Lightbearer
  • open up latent healing abilities in you from past incarnations in other dimensions and realities
  • receive and reactivate healing abilities with a desire to help others and the earth
  • also read on My Channeled and Activated Healing abilities how I can help you with a lot of other things using my many channeled and (re)activated healing abilities
The healing method can resolve blockages and trauma that prevents you releasing your symptom:
  • on a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, energetic, spiritual level in your soul and in the morphic field, the quantum field and in the collective consciousness 
  • throughout your current lifetime (present, past and future)
  • in your past, parallel and future lives
  • In Lemuria and Atlantis if you have had previous incarnations there. I can also activate your Light Pillar if you have previous incarnations in Lemuria. I can also resolve conflicts and traumas that you have between Atlantis and Lemuria and find your way back to your true self.
  • in different dimensions and on different levels
  • in all your 13 chakras in different dimensions: 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D etc
  • in your cells and in your DNA
  • in your ancestrial lineages
  • in your aura field, your subtle bodies (physical, emotional, mental, causal, etheric, astral and divine body)
  • at the karmic level
  • and in you as a person in different dimensions: 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D etc.
  • And in the morphic field (which is the information field that exists around everything in our world; people, things, animals, phenomena, etc.)

My healing and my unique mix of healing abilities

  • heals your symptom at a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, spiritual, energetic and at a soul level and in the collective consciousness and in the morphogenetic field
  • heals you at Soul level, clearing your soul, retrieving soul fragments and clearing any lower frequencies that might keep your soul not being fully integrated with your being. All lower frequencies are sent back with love and light to its origin
  • permanently clears you from trauma (which is one of the causes of your problem/symptoms). The trauma can be from your current life time (past, present, future) but also from your past, parallell and future lives, in other dimensions and be affecting you on all levels
  • dissolves and resolves new/ancient contracts, agreements, oaths, vows etc that you have made (in this life and/or in previous life times or as a soul before you came to this life) with yourself and others and which it is now time to release to be able to free you from your symptoms and live the life that you were supposed to live
  • acknowledges and "clears" you from your switched on survival instincts connected to the trauma in question so that the instincts are not turned on all the time and therefore holding on to the trauma
  •  dissolve negative cell memories and blood memories. These memories are inherited from your parents and ancestors and the memories prevent you from getting rid of your blockages
  • can solve all energy blockages in your subtle bodies using the Sacred Light Tools with healing energies from higher dimensions
  • disconnects you with parts of the collective consciousness (the hundreds or even thousands of negative group consciousness beliefs, attitudes, etc. which you and others have accumulated in this life time and in past lives etc and which affect your current situation and symptoms). This negative collective consciousness still remains in your different lives, in your genetics (inheritance from your ancestors, in your blood and cell memories) and blocks the flow of your life in many ways and keeps you stuck with your symptom and stuck in your overall life (because everything in life is entangled within the morphic fields). Examples of belief systems can for example be, "one has to fight to survive", "there is not enough resources for everybody in the world", "to be a martyr", "victimization" and a lot of other kinds of self sabotage etc
  • interrupts the karmic loop so that you, once and for all, can be free of the karma that has kept you stuck and given you your symptoms/problems
  • also dissolves problems that you may have with other people or environments as everything is intertwined in the morphic genetic field and made out of sacred geometry
  • dissolves and clears lower frequencies on the psychic levels from your home, your subtle bodies, your physical bodies etc, frequencies that don't belong there. In this way you take back the client's original power and strength that may have been taken from him/her many years ago, even many life times ago

For more information on how my unique healing skills can help you, please read about my new channeled and activated healing abilities I have received here and my latest, fantastic and new healing classes here: Sacred Light Foundations Class and Co-Creating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Certification Class and Energetic Allergy Healing that I have attended recently. Here I describe more in depth what I can do to help you feel so much better on all levels of your life ❤️

A fantastic bonus this healing gives you is that when you heal yourself in this way you heal and raise the frequency of other people and the whole world at the same time because we are all ONE!