Sacred Geometry:Flower of Life, Livets blomma
Sacred Geometry:Flower of Life, Livets blomma

Healing with Sacred Geometry

When working with healing using sacred geometry and the highest and purest form of energy present and coming directly from Source/Creator/God, there is a powerful energy transfer that dissolves your old and lower vibration; negative memories, thoughts and feelings and other blockages, including the cells in your body, in your chakras, in your auric field, and in your DNA. 

While dissolving the old blockages that no longer serve you, you receive the new, higher vibration light codes for each cell in your body, your auric field and your DNA. This allows the body and the soul to allow larger amounts of high-frequency light to flow through you, giving you a higher frequency and creating a new and more loving reality for yourself and your environment. 

As previously mentioned, the treatment clears the trauma, cellular memories, different types of blockages on different levels, in different chakras, in different dimensions and periods. The treatment also clears the restrictive beliefs and programs on all levels throughout all lifetimes, at the level of your soul, your lineage, and also disconnects you from the universal/collective and subconscious negative belief systems and programs that prevent you from releasing your symptoms and integrating with your authentic self. 

Each treatment frees you from the 100's to the 1000's restrictive and negative beliefs in the collective consciousness, genetic awareness, religious awareness and other types of group consciousness, as well as guiding you away from the 3rd-dimensional restrictive belief system in the collective consciousness and in your subconscious mind and guide you into the new 5th dimension that all of humanity and earth are able to merge into.


The 3rd dimension
The 3rd dimension is the material world where many limited belief system and program runs humanity.

The 5th dimension
When you reach the 5th dimension of consciousness, you experience the complete reunion with your higher self. This reintegration with the higher parts of you gives you a higher awareness and allows you to feel and know yourself at soul level.You start living your life as the person you came here to be; you are reconnected to the energies of divine, sacred freedom.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the spiritual building blocks of the universe, but also pure mathematics and quantum physics. Sacred geometry is the sequence of shapes and patterns that are the very essence of our creation. There are lots of examples of sacred geometry in nature, in music, architecture and art. It can be traced back to Plato in the 400 BC, but in nature it has always existed. 
The same sacred geometry that created the universe is also the blueprint for your physical body and your bodies of the aura. Sacred geometry activates your light body, which is a synthesis of light, energy and sacred geometry that harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself

Someone who can explain sacred geometry in a good and simple way is Charles Gilchrist.

12 DNA strings 
Parts of your unique sacred geometry that have been shut down for a very long time are re-activated. And if you wish, you can also activate your 12 DNA strings as the Western world has long called "Junk DNA" but as humanity more and more begins to understand that this is part of us that has been shut down for many millennia. 

Now it's time to activate this part of your DNA to increase your frequency faster and easier!