Sacred Geometry:Flower of Life, Livets blomma
Sacred Geometry:Flower of Life, Livets blomma

The Healing Process

As a client you contact me with your problem symptoms that you need help with resolving. I take some time before our meeting and prepare your treatment by intuitively and psychically feel into the situation and what different healing tools your infinite self and my infinite self want to use. I customize a healing plan based on the healing intention you provide me with. 

We start the treatment by setting an intention, what we want to achieve with the treatment. This reinforces the treatment session and the results. 

I completely work through my infinite/higher self and your infinite/higher self and make clear intentions that the symptom/symptoms should be permanently cleared. 

I am using the multidimensional morphic field of the healing room that comes from the Now Healing method. 
In this healing room I incorporate various aspects and dimensions of the symptom. Together with my battery of knowledge from other methods I am trained in, continuously downloaded and channeled healing capabilities as well as new knowledge (which I constantly update by reading about different methods and new ways to solve a problem symptom and a person as a whole), the healing will virtually be automatic with with the help of this very special and amazing healing room that I have received from higher dimensions and where very exciting things can happen. 

The treatment process uses, among other things, a healing method that uses Sacred Geometry (the building blocks of life) to recreate the whole of all aspects of the client's healing. The energy is strong and comes from the the different plans of life, for example, from the 5th planet: the energy of the ascended masters, the 6th planet: the energy of the Universal Laws, the 7th planet: the Creator Energy - The Source: the highest energy plan that exists. 

From 16 December 2017 and forward I have had the privilege of channeling and downloading the activator to the original feminine and masculine energy to heal the client at all levels in an enormously powerful way. What is activated is a balance of the feminine and masculine that has always been latent in us, but as humanity is now ready to take back and activate; take back its original power and its authentic self! 
Read more about this unique healing ability and how I was able to channel it into a Master Advance workshop using Angela Johnsson here: If you don't understand Swedish you can use google translate and translate the entire website.

With the help of my developed intuition and psychic abilities I get words, sentences, pictures that help us in the treatment.Sometimes they come from my or my client's infinite selves. With permission from the client, I also invite into the Healing Healing Room, those who want to help in the treatmentn for the highest best of the client. For example, it may be other people and other treatment methods. 

Even more spiritual phenomena such as light beings, guides, ascended masters, angels, archangels, those who have gone to the other side, etherical beings in nature etc. may come and help to help clear the client's problems. Sometimes there will be a help from other sources and sometimes there is no need for help from the outside to clear the blockages. 

Often trauma arises which is one of the major key causes of a clients' problem symptoms. These traumas can be resolved in the client's current life, such as childhood or similar. It often happens that traumas originate and are resolved in the client's past lives. Here, I use my different skills from both RPT-Reference Point Therapy and, above all, the new sacred geometry energy to clear survival instincts (which hold trauma in place), clear cellular memories, ancestral traumas, collective group consciousness with different beliefs / beliefs, psychic blockages, etc which are involved in this trauma. 

All this is happening in the Now Healing method's superb healing space where everything can happen really fast!

The treatment is a collaboration between the therapist and the client's infintie self and it is completely individual and different from time to time what is coming up. The client will feel clear changes in his or her body and mind and constantly know and feel how the symptom changes, decreases and eventually disappears completely. It may take two to three treatments to resolve a problem. Sometimes it can be just one treatment. Sometimes two symptoms can be solved on one or two treatments. It is completely different from symptom to symptom and from client to client. Generally speaking, it is one to two symptoms during 1-3 treatments. You can of course also work on your entire life situation as you continuously work on different aspects of your life and where you get clearing several different symptoms. 

As a therapist, I get different bodily sensations like different types of body movements / tiny shakes that tell me what's happening in the client's process because I'm always feeling into the energy of the client during the entire treatment. Many clients also feel these shifts, others feel a little some nothing, even though the problem symptom is solved permanently. We are all different in what we feel and know intuitively. There will always be results.

The treatment is done via phone or via Skype and is approximately 90 minutes long (sometimes a bit shorter and sometimes a bit longer). I keep working until my and my client's infinite self tell me to stop and  when I intuitively feel that the treatment is complete. I do not just finish because "time is out". Everything is for the client's highest best. 

"Healing crisis" after treatment? 
This healing energy is extremely powerful and solves the deepest beliefs, programs, trauma, cellular memories, collective consciousness that have stopped you from being able to release your blockages and symptoms in your life. The intention for a session is that the treatment should be an easy process for the client and that it is made at a pace that is for the client's highest best. 
Generally you may feel tired after a session. Some people may experience (now) old feelings, anger, resistance and sadness after the session. The feelings that arise are those that are linked to the many belief systems and programs that are being solved through the treatment. Sometimes, as a client, you want the integration process to happen faster and asks for it to happen faster and in some rare cases you can then get bodily cleanses as a cold when energies that once held the person back are being "detoxified". The more blockages you solve, the less likely you are not to get a healing crisis. 

At the end of treatment, the client is also properly grounded.


Sacred Geometry, Merkaba
Sacred Geometry, Merkaba