What some of my clients say:

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity! For several years I have from time to time received Åsa's treatments to clear my old traumas, deep sorrow and fears and solve my energy blockages. Åsa helps me (and even a couple of my friends) to raise our consciousness. I am impressed by the development of Åsa's talents and creative, miraculous working methods.The sacred geometry - the highest healing frequency - is the amazingly immediate and most effective method I've tried and I will continue with this healing! 

Thanks Åsa :) 

By far the most efficient and best method I have tried and I have tried a lot during my long life! Thank you Åsa! "- Woman 68 years, Stockholm 

I really recommend Åsa Bergström. I have received some sessions via Skype and phone with her, and it has really made a change for me. Thank you so much for the Åsa <3 "- Female 56 years

I warmly recommend this!! 
Wherever you are in life .. Whatever your'e struggling with! Whatever is hurting or limiting you or your loved ones? This type of treatment solves EVERYTHING !! 
Do not hesitate!! Contact Åsa Bergström " 
- Susanne 44 years 

Once again deeply grateful for the improvements in my body, soul and spirit since the last session by Åsa Bergström !! Enjoying the positive, while I'm more than a big pain in the.. for my environment when the energies balances out and work in me.. But the feeling of having come more than halfway on the way to feeling whole. The joy is indescribable !!! Thanks Åsa! <3 " 
- Susanne 

I sought help from Åsa when I was just dismissed from work and felt very lost in my identity, had difficulty believing in my own ability and worried a lot about the future. After three sessions I felt a much more stable foundation, not so afraid of failing and I dared to finally take the step to follow my dream and have now started a small business. Thank you for all your help! / Lotta " 

That said, thank you for your help! I have just registered my company now and it feels so much fun !!! I feel so much better nowadays, it's very nice! "/ Lotta 


      And more...

I have suffered from headache and migraine for many years. Even after the first session, I became much better and now my migraine are much lighter and they rarely appear. The daily headache has disappeared and I have more energy and am more excited and happier. Thank you Åsa, your treatments are powerful and magical! " 
- Maud 

Hello Åsa! I have thought for so long to give you feedback on our sessions! I'm still completely free from my problems, sooooo amazingly free in my body and emotionally. Took a while before the physical body healed, maybe 4-6 weeks. If I ever notice the area we worked with, it's on long journeys! I had a stiffness in my left groin then and it was also resolved. Today, I can easily do all kinds of yoga exercises without limitation, it's a nice acknowledgement for me on multiple levels. The session has been given me profound healing, I love this therapy form and you are a fantastic guide. Nice to know where to turn when I need healing! At the moment, everything feels great" 
- Female 58 years 

After years of problems with communicating and getting along with my big sister, I was advised to contact Åsa. I felt guilty, insecure and frightened, afraid of confrontations. My sister was very dominant, it was like walking on thin ice and not knowing when it would burst. And it did so often. I wanted to feel peace and joy, not get angry, scared and irritated. We share summerhouses and this summer it became unsustainable. After two treatments I felt a change. I felt strong and free in the relationship, I could speak up. It was a pretty amazing change that served us both. Thank you Åsa! "- Woman 80 years old