About me:

  • Professional therapist work since 2006
  • Registered secondary school teacher in English language
  • Certified RPT teacher
  • Certified therapist in the following three alternative methods:
  • Body Talk
  • The Yuen Method
  • RPT-Rapid Personal Transformation
  • Courses and work shops with American healer Michelle Phillips
  • Courses in alternative treatments in, for example, quantum physics and morphological fields such as:
  • March 2014: Basic Course in Now Healing with Founder Elma Mayer
  • From March 2014 through Summer 2016, I have undergone guided training and guided self-healing and personal development in the Now Healing Method with its founder.
  • January 2015 basic course in quantum healing "Immediate Transformation" with Mikael Säflund
  • January 2016 Workshop and certification: Chakra and DNA Activation GSC with Angela Johnsson
  • July 2016 Sacred Geometry Education
  • December 2016: Chakra and DNA Activation GSC Master's Course with Angela Johnsson
  • In the spring and summer of 2017, I have regularly upgraded myself and my healing powers and channeled new healing gifts from very high dimensions that I now use in my healing work as a lightworker
  • December 2017: Master Advance Course with Angela Johnsson
  • Spring and summer 2018
  1. Dimoda Code Activation
  2. Workshops and individual work shops and courses with Angela Johnsson
  3. Soulmastery
  4. Workshop: activating the 13th DNA string in Lemuria
  5. Workshop: activating the 13 Universes and their healing abilities

Åsa Bergström 

The treatment is done via Skype or by phone worldwide. 

The treatment can be done in English and Swedish. 

You reach me best through email and I usually respond within 48h. 

Email: rptsverige@yahoo.com 
e-mail: info@asabergstrom.com 

You can also leave a message on my cell phone: 
Phone: +46 70-30 24 869 

You are very welcome to get in touch with me with your thoughts and questions or to book a treatment.

Åsa Bergström